Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How About a Trip To Egypt- You Better Act Straight

One of the many places as a teenager that I wanted to visit was Egypt. My interest peaked for this country in grade 11 when I was studying the pyramids in my ancient civilization course. I was fascinated by the history and the people. The various pictures of the Nile and the pyramids captivated me. I was determined to visit one day. Now many years later I still think every so often about visiting the country, but with a lot more hesitation. Egypt isn't the safest place for a gay man.

Fundamentalist and their religious views have made it difficult for homosexuals to freely live their life in such a place. Recently 5 gay men were arrested for practicing homosexuality. In Egypt the act of homosexuality isn't outlawed under their Islamic-inspired legislation. But can be prosecuted under other various morality laws. How can this be in 2008 in such a modern country, can such actions still exist. The full story of the arrest has been provided on yahoo. News. See the link below for the entire news.

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