Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hey Dear, Summer Coming. Its Time to Get a Touch Up!

More and more men are going under the knife to give him that more youthful appearance. Over the last decade plastic surgery has become more precise, less painful, and faster and offers a wide range of options. The pursuit for youth, especially in the gay community has never been bigger. It may seem that gone the days when the older gentleman look of a man was considered sexy. The wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, the not so flat stomach, the aging skin are by popular culture no longer cool.

The, as I would call it, George Clooney look use to represent sexual experience and financial stability. The guy that understood the need for foreplay and how to stimulate their partner. The guy who wasn't always about the quick hook ups but did it with some class. The guy that is stable. These at one point seem to be hot. Don't get me wrong. A young tone fit guy was also hot (very) and will continue to be. But now the ever so increasing pressure of staying and looking young has filter into all aspects of life. To the point now that the George Clooney looks reminds people of their grandfather... Yuk!! -- can we say Sugar Daddy!!

It's very common to hear of women going under the knife. But now there is a steady increase of men getting a nip and tuck for some fast results. In the gay community which is already very youth crazy, it's not uncommon to see a poster for Botox plastered on a side of a building or knowing someone who has received some type of cosmetic surgery for the purpose of looking better. The gym takes to long and is hard work and may not get you the results you’re looking for. (I'm sure that this is the slogan for most cosmetic surgeons), especially for the lazy ones. You know who you are!

So here is Avenue Road's Advice:
If your going to do it, just do it. It's so in, it's so gay and I'm sure it's so you. But remember. For any major surgery there is at least 4 to 6 weeks healing time. So if you want to look artificially fabulous for summer, you need to hit the knife NOW!!


Anellidifumo said...

In my Spartan opinion any kind of aesthetic surgery, especially when is done under the pressure of advertisement, is a sign of sadness and of poverty of soul. One should feel fit in his own skin, with all the time signs going on, regardless of what the pictures on the magazine want you to look alike.

Unless one has a major flaw that inhibits from breathing, eating or hearing, surgery should never be taken into consideration.

Especially not if the fashion says to do so.

Avenue Road said...

Yes. It seems to be a sad thing that people get cosmetic surgery for the sake of looking like an imagine portray through media. But with a obsess society on looks and age the less self-confident indiviuals become easy prey of the pressure to conform. Therefore they go under the knife to have the drastic change done to fit in.

Anellidifumo said...

Well this comment is in contrast with your post, to me.

Avenue Road said...

Actually you're incorrect. I'm not going to go into my perhaps dry sacrasm in the post. But just say this. The post is basically saying that if your going to do it, just do so. I neither support or not support your choice. We all know that plastic surgery for fashion is very superficial. We all know that unfortunately our society has condole this. We all know the pros and cons and the variuos reasons that many do so. So if someone decides that they want to so, then just do it. Everyone will have opinion on your choices. But its your choice.

Anellidifumo said...

Uhm, ok.