Saturday, April 26, 2008

Suddenly, Last Winter

I label this post under three categories for a specific reason. First it's a post talking about a movie that I'm recommending to see. Secondly, it's a movie about gay life in general with elements that affect us all. Thirdly, it's about church and politics/state.

Suddenly, Last Winter is a wonderful short documentary film showing at the Hot Docs film festival in Toronto. As a movie you were never bored, always captivated and felt the charisma of Luca and Gustav, the main characters. As a gay or lesbian you either have experience some of the same narrow-minded attitudes showcase in the film or know someone who has in their life. As a political statement the film uncovers, through the eyes of an ordinary gay couple the struggles to have a government recognize us as equals in society and how the church has such a strong influence on the minds of those who are to represent the people. If you get a chance to see it, do so. You won't be disappointed.

On a personal note, I was lucky enough to meet both Lucas and Gustav after the film showing and again meeting Luca at my partner's birthday bash. In the film you come away thinking that these two are very nice individuals. This will be confirmed once meeting them in person. With all the attention from industry insiders, traveling across the globe to promote their small budget film, meeting various people. They are humble, polite and thankful.

Film Sysnois by Chris McDonald...
Gustav and Luca are journalists, filmmakers and long-term boyfriends living a comfortable life in Rome. When right-winger Silvio Berlusconi's government is replaced by a centre-left coalition, Italians are promised a new law that would increase rights for unmarried and gay couples. Unfortunately for Gustav, Luca and millions of disenfranchised Italians, the Vatican, conservative politicians and family-values advocates don't share their more liberal views. With anti-gay sentiment running high, rallies are held, politicians are lobbied and wagons are circled. With a very light touch and a good measure of patience and humour, Gustav and Luca attempt to navigate the roadblocks, landmines and mindboggling bureaucracy standing between themselves and their equal rights. The intrepid and at times reluctant filmmakers maintain a steady pace in this study of an ancient culture in flux and a modern couple in love.

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