Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Summer Bust!!

Well summer is on its way and the first sign of this are the big production movies from Hollywood. Millions are spent on advertising, hiring the biggest 'A' stars, etc, etc. I recently saw Spider man. And like millions of fans I saw Spider man 1 & 2. So I was eagerly anticipating the seemingly darker side portrayed on the big screen for the third installment. It was terrible. Absolutely horrifying!! I could go on for ever to outline the many technical errors and the weak story lines and lack luster acting. But isn't this generally the case about the big blockbuster movies? What is the lure to such movies that seem to make millions of dollars each year? What drives are society to fuel the pockets of the big studios for cheap entertainment? This summer is all about the sequel done the third time and I'm sure that the big Hollywood studios will make millions. I expect more disappointments; because I'm sure I will go and see more of those movies this summer :-)

But on the brighter side. There are so many things to do around town besides seeing over produced films. If you want to see a movie how about the small screen stuff. Lower budgets, less known actors. But in most cases a great script, fantastic acting and overall good entertainment. Check out the Worldwide Short Film Festival in June.So the question for the day is why do we waste our money on a possible disappointing, non-critically acclaimed film?


Artistic work sometimes can represent life or the things we do in life. I was recently provided a link on some artistic interpretation of general statistics of some of the common things people do. Check it out. What are your thoughts?

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