Thursday, May 10, 2007

Can I Have A Glass of Religion with a Twist of Politics?

Religion dominates our lives in many ways. In time of hardship even the most skeptic runs to their religion in the way of pray or even attending a service, for some type of salvation. It dictates on how we live our lives. The many guidance/rules that are set govern our belief and how we decide things. It is for most part an essential aspect of our lives. Politics govern our lives as well. It governs how we run the country and rules we set to abide by. So should religion be an essential part of how or politician run our country?

Below is a powerful video clip about things happening in the church? Watch the film and than answer the question. If religion dominates politics do we live in a hypocritical society?


jesus said...

believe in jesus

repent sinner!

AnelliDiFumo said...

To believe in Jesus? Sure. And the Catholic hierarchies should really repent for what they have done in the last centuries.


Religion should never ever mix with politics. Every time it did mix, the world was covered of blood and crusades. Religion and politics should never mix, as you never mix garlic and chocolate.