Sunday, May 13, 2007

24/7- Is It The Next Drug of Choice?

We live in a world were staying in touch and in the loop has become an essential part of our lives. Technology has enable us to stay connect with anyone at anytime, remain competitive within the business world and provide instant access to information via the internet. There are so many devices out there such as the Treo palms and blackberries and various websites such as friendster and facebook or MSN or Skype to provide these capabilities. But has the advancement in communication devices provided a positive impact to our society and enrich our lives or has it become another form of addiction, providing the side affects of being busier, having less sleep and constantly hooked to it?

Technology over the placed decades has brought the hopes of improving our everyday life by making things easier and more accessible. At work we have be able to become more efficient and effective in tackling various tasks. In our personal life you now can connect to that individual who lives miles away but you can't see everyday, find love or research information with a click of the mouse without heading to a library.Looking around on the streets on the subways, in a cafe, etc everyone is become connected, busier and less personal.

What makes it like a drug? Well have you ever notice how long you stay online surfing or perhaps a friend, into the very late hours. Have you ever notice the need to constantly have the latest gadget even if you barely use the one you currently have. Have you ever notice the need to be part of every website site, such as facebook or Friendster. Have you every notice that when you feel bored or alone instead of either choosing to read a book, head outside, connect with a friends via visiting their home or calling them and inviting them over, you choose to go online or play with your new gadget.

What’s your take on it?

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