Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Show Me the Money $$$

On my way to work I read this article which focus on the many changes that someone could face in their life time. It talked about changes in work situations, health, relationship, etc. But the main message was how money can affect your life and the people in it that are dear to you. Money is essential in our society. But does more money mean happier days?? Well it may depend on what makes you happy. Let’s consider choosing a job opportunity. More money may be more stress, but perhaps a better material life style. Does a nicer car, home and better vacations make you happy? Well I'm sure it does for most people. Do longer hours and less personal time make you happy? Probably not!
Flipping the coin, does a less stressful job, with perhaps lower pay resulting in more financial strain appeal to you? Probably not! But I'm sure more personal time with friends and family does. These are possible extremes of the situation. But it is something to consider. So the question for the day is what you would choose if you had a choice in a job opportunity. The glamorous job or the modest position and why??

When it comes to your financial future- Thing of what is most important to you for your life today and for tomorrow and plans your finance accordingly. And consult a financial advisor

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AnelliDiFumo said...

The best job is the one that realizes you and yet leaves you tons of spare time. Impossible? Not. Take teaching, for example: a teacher usually works not more than 18-20 hours per week, gets paid fairly enough (especially at the university level) and if you have a talent for teaching you dont' feel the stress of it.

In general, it's a matter of being satisfied with what you have, in terms of money, instead of craving for more of it. One can usually always get a better earning - the easiest way is to add a second job, if you can't improve your salary - but at the price of selling more private time.

And time, after all, is the most important source we have to spend.