Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cheap Weekend Getaways Can Be Romantic

A weekend getaway doesn't necessarily have to be expensive or at some unique vacation resort with luxurious accommodations, first-class entertainment, etc, to be romantic. It can simple be a nice road trip to a small town, or city that you haven't visited before. The point of the trip is to have the opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner. An inexpensive trip were you can enjoy each others company can be surprisingly more romantic, without the worries of going over budget. Cheaper trips can allow for more spontaneous getaways and provide a sense of adventure with a looser schedule. This itself can be more stimulating and spark a lot of chemistry between couple. The point of the trips is to have fun, to have fun with each other and to better get to know one another.

Simple walks around the town discover unique places, such as a cute shop or a nice quiet bench in a park, can be very romantic without trying to be. One recommendation of a nice getaway would be to visit a city called Ann Arbor. Located in Michigan State, USA. This small university type town composes of 114,024 inhabitants were 32% are University students. Named apparently after the founder's spouse, the city is known for its political liberalism, the large number of restaurants and many performance venues. Walking through the neighbours will remained you of a postcard picture or a screen shot from Desperate Housewives showing the street called Mysterious Lane, big trees, large homes and white picket fences.The charm of the city is the people. Friendly, courteous and always with a smile on their face will make you feel at ease regardless of your sexual orientation, ethnic background or general appearance. This city that seems to be surrounded by a bubble as it is more politically progressive then the state in which it recite in, makes it a large welcome mate for all.

For more information on Ann Arbor please visit http://www.ci.ann-arbor.mi.us/

and if you would like to plan a weekend get away try searching the information on http://honeymoons.about.com/od/weekendgetaways/a/Romance_Weekend.htm

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