Sunday, May 27, 2007

Civil Liberties

When you live in a city were your identity such as your cultural or sexual identity, are supported, respected and celebrated by your government, it's difficult to imagine hearing or seeing other metropolitan cities not up holding such values. Throughout the summer in Toronto there are many events that celebrate Toronto's rich cultural diversity and civil liberties. Some of the larger events hold large parades in which the various local and provincial governments participate to show there support of the specific communities.
Toronto's Mayor is well known to express continuous support and encourages general participation from all Torontian and welcomes tourist to join in with the various celebrations. On the official city of Toronto website there is a specific area that is dedicated to promote such events were it is safe for all to attend and express the opinions regardless of what it is. Yesterday Moscow held small pride events which turn violent at the hands of the Mayor's office, police and anti-gay protestors.


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