Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Transgender In the House

How great is this! Anna Grodzka become the first Transgender to take seat in Poland house of parliament. At the age of 57, Ms. Grodzka is part of a newly formed liberal party called Palikot’s Support Movement, that stunned Poland’s staid political establishment by winning 10 percent of the vote in Sunday’s election. She is a women with a mission to bring awareness to the Poland country about people such as herself. 

Here are some quotes from her, courtesy of  The Gazzett: 

“My mission is to familiarize people with transgenderism,” Grodzka told Polsat News television.

“While making this decision I knew what to expect,” she added, referring to “various unpleasantnesses” she endured before and during the campaign.

 "I decided to be a candidate for Palikot’s Movement because I want the voice of people who are excluded and discriminated against in the Polish political system to be heard,” she wrote in her blog. “I believe that little by little does the trick.”

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