Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nature at It's Best

How cute is this picture of two love birds.. lol.

Of course the radicals who can't deal with the fact that homosexuality is a natural behaviour, can't deal with the fact that two male Penguins are bond together. Here is nature at her best showing that homosexuality is as natural and common in all species. It's not about nurture or not having enough faith in religion. So if anyone ever tells you that you can change, its not nature. Get them to take a look at these two cuties story.

Read Below:

Courtesy of Animal Tracks.

The feathered friends came to the zoo from Toledo, Ohio, and quickly formed a close bond. They pair off from their group of 12 every night, and even display signs of mating rituals. They make mating calls to each other, groom each other, defend each other's territory and basically hang out together. A lot.
“They seem to be in a loving relationship of some sort,’’ Joe Torzsok, chairman of the Toronto zoo board, told the Toronto Star.

Mark Blinch / Reuters
Male penguins Pedro (bottom) and Buddy have displayed what zookeepers regard as mating behaviors, including mating calls.
Mind you, Central Park and Toronto are not the only places that same-sex pairing between penguins has been observed; zookeepers in Japan and Germany have also reported such behaviors, including male couples that build nests together and use stones as substitute “eggs.” And penguins are far from the only creatures in which homosexual and bisexual behavior have been observed – there are cases among elephants, giraffes, dolphins, black swans, certain monkeys and, lest we forget, human beings.
But soon Buddy will have to get along without his best buddy. Duty calls: African penguins are endangered, and 10-year-old Pedro and 20-year-old Buddy happen to be carrying some very nice genes under those tuxedos they wear.

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