Sunday, February 8, 2009

Whitney, Whitney, Whitney

Well she is certainly making a splash this weekend with all of her appearances at the major music shows. First Clive Davis Pre-Grammy awards party, where she actually performed. Yes you her me right, she actually performed on American soil. Today she presented the first award at the Grammys and tomorrow BET will air the BET Awards where she will appear as a presenter. So the question is when is the album coming out?

Well we all know that her voice isn't the same as it use to be. But it's still better then the majority that are out there now. As well you can always count on a live performance, which seems to be a dying breed with the new crop of young artists.

Whitney looks great, healthy, happy and ready to sing again. Glad to see a legend get back up on her feet after seemingly falling. Leaving the past behind and looking straight ahead into the future.

Looking forward to the new CD!!

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