Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is It A Dawn of a New Era or Just to Much to Expect?

There are many hopes and expectations with the swearing in of this President of the United States. President Barack Obama will carry a heavy weight on his shoulders like no other previous President in the past. Marked with historical parallels of Lincoln and King, Obama carries the hope of a nation for a better and improved country. In many eyes he is their savoir, he is the one who revitalized their economy, open up doors for those who felt they were secretly close regardless of regulations, etc due to their ethnic,sex or sexual background. He is the one who will re-establish the USA repretation in the World. He is the one who will bring a brand new day.
Well the role of the President of the United State is already a heavy job to take on and there are always high expectations for the new incoming President to be better then the one previously. I believe that Obama, regardless of how inspiring he is, will at least, if any set the foundations/point the country into a new era of greatness. Perhaps redine greatness that isn't necessarily about military strength, but one that enhances the domestic front. The new era may not be about world domination via firearms, but a country that has become more prosperous and unified. Like any new candidate that takes on a new role, with the conviction of enhancing and improving on what was there before, will always fast many unforseen challenges. Some of which will delay or perhaps stop many of the goals that were idealistically set out prior to actually taking on the job. Time will only tell what can be accomplish in 4 yrs and perhaps many second term making it 8yrs in total.

Good Luck.

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