Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Winter Wonderland- Cheap Romantic Getaway- Sainte Marguerite-du-lac Masson

Well it will seem the smart option to head south to some warm destination to get away from the chilly winter temperatures. But why not embrace a bit of that cold fresh artic air and head east for another cheap getaway. About 1 1/2 hours from Montreal lays a quaint town called Sainte- Maguerite-du-lac Masson. It offers all the amenities that a tourist will need if they want to get away from the big city and enjoy the variety of winter activities that one may thing of participating in.

In Sainte- Marguerite you will find the typical French mom-pop type restaurant called Grignotine where the locate residents frequent often. The food is good, cheap and the atmosphere is casual. There is a lake that stretches approximately 8km in which you can ice skate. You don't have to worry about bringing skates; you can rent for as little as $5.00. But note the gentleman that runs the rental shop closes at 5pm. So get there early. The door to return the skates is open late. So you can take your time on the ice. There are many trails if you like to track through the snow with you snowshoes. Both the trails and the skating can be a romantic activities. As well if you haven't try it before I highly recommend going dog sledding. It will seem a bit scary once the instructor provides you with some information about how to handle the dogs. But it’s safe and very enjoyable. There is the 20 minutes tour and the hour tour. Take the hour tour. It's worth the $100.00 per person! Fair warning... it's a workout. I found it a bit tiring guiding the dogs and not so easy. My partner had an easier time guiding the dogs. But got a good work out in the process, in which I indicated that, it makes up for the lack of gym exercise! LOL. Another fun activity that I recommend is tubing. It's not just for kids. But it's fun!! Both the dog sledding and tubing can be a great activity for a couple to bring out their inner child and adventurous side in each other.
Last but not least is skiing. For those who would like to hit the slopes Mont Tremblant is about 20 minutes away.

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