Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Colours of the World.. Spice Girls

The last show of the Spice Girls tour ended in Toronto on Feb 26th and it was a blast. The performance was campy, gay and full of energy which made it worth every penny it cost. They sang all their hit tunes as a group and also their most popular songs from their solo career. The show lasted about 1 ½ hours with no intermission, but you never felt like you needed one. You can always tell when there is extreme excitement when the crowd in a seated stadium stands for the entire show. It's amazing how after 10 years of not doing anything... well focusing on their individual careers, how there is still a strong following for them. My favorite singer is Baby Spice. She probably has the most natural voice out of all the girls, good tone and a pretty good range. She sounded great.
Here is one on my favorite song from them.


Anellidifumo said...

Good grief.

Avenue Road said...

Spice Girls Rule !!!