Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Divas Are Coming!!!- Girls Stay Cool

Well it seems that all the old divas are coming back out with a new CD. Celine, Mariah, Whitney, Janet, Madonna are all schedule to release a new album by early winter of 2008. Even some of the original divas are getting into the game. Chaka Khan has just release a new album called "Funk This" with an up-tempo first single call "Disrespectful". She kills its!! The girl still has it. Listen to her new song -Chaka Khan official website: http://www.chakakhan.com/home/

What makes Divas, Divas? Is it the larger than life persona, the hugh recording contract, the big voices or just the Attitude? Regardless if they are smoking crack and denying it, having a nervous break down, marrying their grandfather age Manager, pretending that they are British with the worst accent or crash dieting everytime a new album is schedule to come out and then blowing up like a balloon, we love them like it's the best chocolate dessert that gives you an orgasmic feeling. We just shout out loud 'Gimme Me More'--divas and start acting like trailer trash achololics

That's why they are divas. And its seems that 2008 is going to give us a hangover. We better call AA-- Perez Hilton and TMZ.com for help.
Let the diva battles begin... the made up rivalry, the vocal bitch comparison fights, and the biggest controversy.

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