Monday, October 22, 2007

Break Up Lessons

No relationship starts or ends without some lesson learnt. Break ups can be dreadful and starting something new with someone can be scary. A person can experience many waves of emotions that can make the occurrence more difficult to handle, whether it's the person doing the break-up or if it's the person receiving the bad news. Statistics Canada indicates that men are more likely to go into depression following a relationship break-up or martial breakdown, than our counterparts. ... Unfortunately I don't no what the specific statistics are for homosexual relationships.

Here are some Do's and Don't that most people learn through this period.

*Don't hook up with someone before you break up, if you want to slavish some aspect of your relations with the hope of a friendship. The discovery of such an act will definitely drown does hopes.

*Muster up the courage. Once you have decided that the relationship is over its best to act promptly and end it. If you're believe that you need to stay due to some unfortunate situation that is happening in your partner's life, unless its life threaten it may be better to end it now as suppose to prolonging what will eventually happen. It’s not fair to yourself or even fair to your partner. Why be unhappy in a relationship that you no longer care for. It will only make the end more difficult for both.

*Pick your words carefully. First, always end it in person and not via SMS. Our society has become so impersonal with the use of technology, using it to avoid difficult situations. Not only is communicating the end to a relationship through SMS done in bad crowdedly taste, most people aren't SMS communication savvy. The use of bold words, etc can come off as being very cold and mean, were that may not be the intention. The general public lacks the understanding of how to properly communicate a message through this median keeping in mind that someone on the other end will be interpreting what was written. In a break-up situation there are heighten emotions and logical judgments can be impaired to the emotions felt from the heart. Be honest without being cruel, get to the point and ensure to be sensitive. This will help to provide closure.

*Nothing to Fear. The end of one relationship, regardless of the length of time with the person isn't the end of the world. Stay confident and positive. Interact with friends and family and getting back to your normal activities will help you get over the break-up.

Lastly, *keep your dignity. Forget about bad mouthing the person, try not to hold any grudges and at the end of the day you will be happier. Life goes on.

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