Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gay Life All Over the World

Gay life in North America is quite easy to find. Like Toronto there are many so called LGBT area in which any traveller can quickly go to find gay activities.
In a country such as Italy were politics and religion seem to be very integrated, you may assume that it would be impossible to find gay culture anywhere.

In a lot of ways this true that even in the big cities like Rome there doesn't seem to appear to have a hugh concentrated area in which you would see shops, restaurants, clubs and pubs that are either owned by someone in the LGBT community or has an indication that they are gay friendly with the P-flag located somewhere at the front of the shop.

But don't be alarmed as there is a larger LBGT present, as indicated by their recent Pride Parade attendance, then would be assume. Even outside the big tourist areas you can find some type organize even. One example is a city called Bologna.

Bologna is surrounded by hills. The city's centre still reflects the Renaissance period, dusky red-coloured buildings, wide piazzas and arched porticoes with floors laid with marble. Bologna is one of those cities in which you can avoid the hugh tourist crowd and still have the opportunity to experience the history of the old civilization and still be able to do some major shopping on the plaza lane.

Bologna, made up with many foreign American university students has no main gay street or area. But host an active LGBT community group. Each Thursday there is an organize dance that resembles a popular dance club but without the diva attitudes. The dance is held in a restaurant located in the park. The attendees range from 18 to 35 years and are both men and women. The music is both popular Italian hits songs and international hit dance songs.


AnelliDiFumo said...

"A place called Bologna"? It's a city! The city with the Western world eldest University... :-)

Avenue Road said...

I have change it to city.. just for u :-)

AnelliDiFumo said...

I appreciate that. :-*