Monday, July 30, 2007

What May Seem Impossible Maybe Possible

Do you believe in destiny? Do believe that it's possible to reconnect with someone that you met briefly several years ago? Do you believe that by some weird/strange chance that if you are met to meet someone it will happen?

In movies or books it isn't uncommon to hear of a storyline of a character meeting someone by chance and then years later meeting that same person again. But in reality this would only seem like a fairytale or a storyline. But the unbelievable tale has seem to come true in real life. It would appear that I have met my boyfriend approximately 7 years ago by chance looking for directions.
The conversation that we had lasted about 15 minutes with no expectation that we would ever meet again. It was only on our trip in Italy going through the same place in Bologna that we realized we had met many years ago. For me this was an exciting occurance. For many years I wonderded what ever happen to that guy I briefly talked too. Even though the conversation was brief, something about it made me remember some aspect of this person.
Life can be strange. Sometimes you may thing that something could be completely impossible to ever happen actually does. Hopefully it's a good thing.


Anonymous said... that for real? That's so sweet! I'm going to start asking for directions all over the place now. ;)

Avenue Road said...

Yeah it's real. I didn't believe it at first myself.