Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yes We Can! Time for Social Change

Obama, Obama, Obama. You have been made an honorary Gay man for your suppose to the LGBT community. It was fantastic to hear you on national television providing your support for same-sex marriage. You are the first sitting President in the USA to openly express such supportive opinion. You represent social change, the continue movement of civil rights and equality for all.

Obama Same Sex Couple Video Comment

Courtesy of Globe and Mail:
Say what you want about President Obama’s political calculations – while polls show a plurality of U.S. voters now support gay marriage, a sign of enormous social change, it is hard to believe most of those supporters will base their vote next fall on the President’s declaration. Those who abhor the notion of gay marriage may be more likely to get out and vote to try to stop it. It is not often that a presumptive favourite takes a bold risk right up front.The effect of President Obama’s support will be felt around the world. Europe is far from united on this issue, and there are still many parts of the world in which it is not safe to be gay. Read More

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