Friday, June 24, 2011

Should Mayor Rob Ford participate in the Pride Parade ?

Well I'm sure it comes to no one’s surprise that Mayor Rob Ford may be the first Mayor in years not to march in the annual pride parade. He hasn't been a strong advocate of the community and certainly didn't look for the people in the community to elect him. So why should he participate in the pride parade?

Should he participate in the parade because it’s a major event in the city the draws in people from all over North America and brings in millions of dollars to the city?

Should he participate because the parade represent the open mindedness and the diversity the city is well known for, ethnic pride, gay pride, religious pride, that any Mayor would be proud to be a part of?

Should he participate because its good public relations? Regardless of the fact that most people in the community may have not voted for him. This is a great opportunity to show as Mayor of a multi facet diverse city, that he represents everyone. As people expect from any Mayor of any city.

Should he participate because he would probably just have a good time, of course!

To the question 'Should Mayor Rob Ford participate in the Pride Parade'? The answer should be NO.

The participants in the parade represent individuals who are proud of who they are and along with friends and family want to be there. Why would you want anyone who doesn't want to be there, participating?

He has made it clear in his actions that he doesn't want to be personally involved in any of the activities during pride week. It's not a priority of his; he's not a strong supporter of the community. Participating wouldn't represent much, except pressure from the people to be there.


Arthur Kong said...

I agree. This man has made it very clear that he has no urge or want to be seen as a support of the LGBT community. The parade is a time for the community to celebrate, not a time to play politics with Chris Farley.

Another question is, should Stephen Harper, just cause he's our PM, participate in the parade as well? No.

Avenue Road said...