Friday, October 15, 2010

Is It a Revolving Door or True Bisexuality

Are you bisexual? Do you know someone who is bisexual? Do you believe that someone can be bisexual? I've had this discussion with many of my friends, both straight and gay. And I always get mix responses. I’m not 100% sure myself what my opinion is on the subject. However, I can't talk to the subject of bi females, but in regards to men, the one question that comes up is "can a man who considers himself a bottom, truly be bisexual? Or is it just more acceptable in their circle of friends and family?"

The closet door or the phrase 'coming out of the closet', is a metaphor indicating that you are now out about your sexual preference, the preference being for the sole desire to meet a mate of the same sex, hence coming out of the closet. The closet door is like your front door of your home. The gateway to the inner chamber of what is really going on, appose to what is presented in public. It can be locked from the inside and can be locked from the outside using a key. When we decide to come out the closet, as the saying goes, we begin by unlocking the door from the inside, stepping out, closing the door behind, relocking the door with the key and then throwing the key away. Therefore start the beginning of a new life, braving the new challenges ahead, never to go back in the closet.

Those who considered themselves as bi, curious, experimental, etc, is the process all the same, except they forget to throw away the key? Or perhaps they forget to lock the door, throw away the key, therefore leaving the closet accessible when needed, making it a revolving door? So for that excessive bottom guy, who loves to be penetrated, deep, hard and long, as the saying goes, by a male’s penis and doesn’t want to top another guy, but claims to be bisexual, are you?

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