Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Official. There are a Million Reasons To Buy New Whitney.

Whitney Houston officially releases her first single from her highly anticipated CD due in stores Aug 31. The single "Million Dollar Bill", written by Alicia Keys is an up-tempo, feel good dance song. It hit radio stations on August 17th. Just listen, its good!

Is the "Voice" back?

It's true that the "Voice", coined by Oprah, no longer has the same luster it once had. With the last 8 years not singing, drugs, bad marriage, it’s surprising that she has a voice at all. Even though the quality of her vocals can't compare to the years of the Bodyguard or even before, she still brings her signature style to the songs and you can't mistaken that it's a Whitney song. Both songs "I look to You" and "Million Dollar Bill" attracts the old and young. The ballad brings back her old fans that grew up with her and the up-tempo song helps attract a new set of people who really don't know Whitney at all. All in all it's a good enough. It’s nice to hear an actual singer on the radio these days.

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