Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Gay Scene in Bristol

Bristol, not the first place that many think of going to on a gay vacation, represents the largest gay village in southwest England. The gay stripe is located on Old Market street just a walk away from the City Center. The stripe contains several pubs and small clubs for a variety of taste or fetishes.The best way to check out the status of a gay village in comparison to others is to see it on a Saturday in the day and in the evening time.

Despite the repetition of Bristol gay village in this region, the stripe lacks any real vibe in the day time. No patios to mingle and eye watch at brunch and most places are close. The ones that are open have little to offer and you are left with a feeling that the town is still in the closet. This is a pity as Bristol in this area has a high tourist attraction and a university near by with lots of summer students. When the weather is nice, which is a luxury in England, having some great patios to go to would be a great way to pass the day.

The nightlife is full of places to go to and meet new and interesting people. The clubs are full of people of all ages, background, body shape etc. It seems to lack the snobbiness that you would find in a lot of gay clubs in Toronto. There is the Flamingo, which is major dance club there, the Lounge which is a nice semi-leather pub. There also the Palaces, which is a club that is attended primarily by the 30 something and above crowd.

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