Sunday, January 4, 2009

Resolutions/Promises- Wellness Approach

Well it's a new year with new beginnings, new challenges and new rewards. I guess that's what its all about. Each New Year thousand of people make many resolutions of various promises to themselves about what they plan to do this year. The big "New Year's Resolution".

Well the biggest one is getting into shape. How many people do you know who have said that they're going to go on a diet, lose 10, 20, 30 lbs. You head into the gym in the month of January and its pack. Everyone dying to lose that holiday weight from over stuffing himself or herself. All the "New Year's Resolutionist" trying to keep good to their promise. In a few weeks for some reason a good portion of them disappear from the gym. Either they have met their goals and have decided to stop or they have just given up. Most likely given up. And you will see them next January doing the same thing.

Getting into shape and becoming healthier isn't just about losing a few pounds, but it’s about modifying your life-style to be better balance. So that you can a obtain a better state of wellness in your life. That includes exercise, healthier eating, finding a better balance between work and play. To help reduce stress, which tends to leads or at least acts as a main indicator in an unbalance life.

I think the "New Year's Resolutionist" that have decided to lose a few pounds and have a healthier life should start off by finding a good wellness program. I recently caught an episode of the Martha Stewart Show where they were discussing their wellness program campaign that started this week. They have a good easy to follow program that really emphasizes life-balance. I would recommend it. It can be found through there Body and Soul magazine section called Whole Living.

Also for those gym bunny. I suggest taking on a Yoga class. I recently took up Yoga with a very close friend and found that it not only was a good form of exercise that did provide some strength training, but it was also a good therapeutic approach on incorporating wellness in your life through the commentary that the teacher provide. There are many types of yoga style out there and I'm sure there is one suited for you. The style that I have taking on is called Axel Molema hatha yoga excellent class and teacher. I recommend it.

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