Thursday, November 13, 2008

At Last

Don't you ever dream of meeting that special person in whom you can finally say "At Last" my dream has come along? It may seem as a fantasy for some and a reality for others, the person who embodies your ultimate love, who you can finally exhale and breathe again.

As hard as it is to believe that this is could be possible, one of my favorite classic singles that makes you day dream of love so unreal was best done by a lady called Ella James and remade recently by a brilliant artist called Cyndi Lauper. The girl, who just wanted to have fun, grew up to remake a classic love song that is soulful and excellently arrange. Take a listen to her live performance in 2007. There is only one word to describe it, Fabulous.

So as the holiday season commence and you are out there shopping for that special person in your life. Think of this song, play it in you IPod or car stereo. It will inspire you as you search for that right gift. For those who believe that love isn't possible anymore or not even sure what love is. This song will open the flood gates; clear the mind to allow you to dream of love again. Reconnecting you to what love may feel like

Avenue Road.


TPC said...

This is a beautiful song. I went to a lesbian wedding a few years ago, and this song was their first dance. The song took on a whole new meaning because it was the first year gays and lesbians could marry and be recognized in law as married partners. "At Last..." indeed.

Avenue Road said...

It's such a perfect song for that occasion.

Anonymous said...