Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes We Can!! Barack Obama- B/c Eight is Enough

What did you think of Obama's Acceptance Speech?

I enjoyed Obama speech. It was what I expected. He is a good speaker and the audience seemed to really respond to him. I know it will be a hard race for the white house. But I hope that people who supported Hillary b/c she is a woman (not necessarily b/c of her politics) doesn’t turn their votes to McCain b/c of his running mate. But stay smart and recognize that change in the right direction will come more from a democrat then the republican. Yes it would have been nice to see Obama with a female running mate. But I believe that Biden is an excellent choice that compliments him well.

Barack in his speech also mention about the rights of gay and lesbians. I hope to heard more throughout his campaign regarding this issue.

For McCain. I knew that he was going to pick a female running mate. I believe that McCain is betting on that. And this was one of his reasons for his running mate selection.


Anellidifumo said...

A very good speech and here u have a good way to exercise your Italian:


Avenue Road said...

Yes his speech was great. I hope he wins