Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Olympics Are Coming- August 2008

I've always enjoy watching the summer Olympics. There are a few sports that I enjoy the most, track and swimming. I enjoy it not only for the competitiveness that is usually so hyped by the media. But just for the fun at looking at some of those male bodies.

So here is the hype about these Nubian male sprinters. Courtesy of "The Age"

Pay attention to the words used in this article, such as mouth watering, three-pronged attack. Is this writer Gay? No not the sprinter called Tyson Gay.. Probably not! But the innuendo on a gay blog is delicious.

The three-pronged attack on the Olympic 100-metre gold medal is a rare and mouth-watering treat.

Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay. Almost before you can say the three names, these men can run 100 metres. Bolt holds the world record at 9.72 seconds. He displaced Powell, who ran 9.74 last year, a performance motivated in a large part by his disappointment at his loss to Gay in the world championships.

Gay won the 100 at the US Olympic trials in 9.68. He had more than twice the maximum wind assistance allowed for world record purposes, but his run was the fastest 100 metres recorded under any conditions.

Gay is also the reigning world champion, having taken the sprint double in Osaka last August. But he won't be running that event in Beijing after pulling up with a hamstring injury during the trials.

To read the rest of the article link here. The Age

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