Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Diva Returns: Chanté Moore

It's been 8 years since she released her last album. This talented R&B singer has a vocal range that can be compared to Mariah Carey, a soulful sound that can rival Whitney Houston and the energy that she can match to any young artist today. Chanté Moore, married to Kenneth Latimore, in my eyes has been an underrated artist. Her first album came out in the 90's around the same time as Mariah Carey under Sony. As Mariah Carey was promoted as the singer with the high octave notes with great songs, Chanté Moore wasn't giving the same promotional push. Chanté Moore has a excellent track record of great collobrations with such artist as her husband and contributing to the Grammy winning Waiting to Exhale album.

Her new album called Love that woman comes out June 12th. First single to be release to radio on May 12th

If you don't remember her, here are two clips of her in action.

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