Friday, March 14, 2008

Old School Love

Recently I was on my friend's blog and his recent post was discussing the top 50 list of the gayest favorite songs outside of North America. He featured an old artist, Belinda Carlisle as his youtube clip. I started to view the clip and it brought me back to old memory lane. Back in the days when life seem so simple and crushes were so innocent. It made me think if it was possible to feel that same type of affection for another person as an informed, experience adult. Was it possible to still develop that innocent crush for someone that made you feel Mad About them (You). I think it's still possible!!


T said...

It's so true. It seemed like everything was so innocent then -- the music, the attitudes. I guess as you get older, life just gets busier with more responsibilities and more experiences harden you. The nice thing is "Mad About You" still sounds as good as ever, and listening to it, it does feel like 1986 again... ever so shortly though.

Avenue Road said...

Completely agree.

Anellidifumo said...

I still have to understand if our inevitable furthering from those "innocent years" is only a bad thing or not. Yes, each feeling had more vivid colours because they were felt for the first time. And this is something we will never feel more. But now it's the time in which if we want we built up marriages, co-habitations, adopt children, engagements, commitments. It can all sound as too scaring, for those who feel to be not ready yet, but it could even seen as something that puts us in the real lane.