Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Alpha Male

Is there such a thing as the alpha male in the gay community? Well yes. But it may seem hard to find through all that flamboyance that is generally presented. Doesn't it seem like a lot of gay men are looking for that Alpha male type. The very straight acting, very masculine, very butch take charge man. So what does it mean to be an alpha male? Well here are a few notes.

According to the author of //

The term originating from the animal kingdom, in which some species arrange individuals into a ranked order. For example in wolves, the pack order is split into two chains of command, one chain for the male, and one for the female. At the top of each chain is the 'Alpha' animal, and at the lowest of the chain is the 'omega' animal.

The position of Alpha Male is seen as one of the most socially desirable (in wolves as well as humans) as having it enables a male to make decisions about how their social group/pack is run, to exact submission and obedience from subordinates, and generally to control things and boss others around at will. The power of the alpha male is matched only by that of the alpha female, who is just as in control as the alpha male is. Though in human society, individual ego and desire for authority often exclude the possibility of a partnership at the top. Humans seem to have a remarkable tendency for aggregating ultimate authority to one.
So are you an Alpha Male?

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