Saturday, March 29, 2008

60 Earth Hour

Okay Homos. At 8pm it's lights out for a least one hour. Get out the candles, the wine and make it a romantic time for you and your partner/sex buddy or whoever you want to get it on with. Remember candle lighting makes everyone look good. With the natural light added with the booze you will look hot tonight!!! Can't see the wrinkles.

Well if the above didn't entice you to participate perhaps the pure facts may do the trick. Earth Hour, not to be mistaken for Earth Day is a global call to combat climate change. Across the world citizens are encourage to turn off the lights, get out their cars as a symbol of conservation against the danger of climate change. Watch this video clip from You Tube narrated by Jeremy Piven.

Here are some links for further details about the hours:;

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