Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

It's that time of year again when you express your heart to that special person in your life. Roses, chocolates, movies, dinner or just a night cap :-) For some Valentine's Day is great and for others they just hate it or don't really care. So the question is, 'Is Valentine's Day overrated?' Shouldn't a couple be expressing their affection for one another everyday and not specifically on this day? Is it a day that is only set for people in a relationship?

Here are my thoughts. For thoses in a relationship, if this is the day that you decide to do something extra special beyond what you do for your partner already, great! But remember it's not about how expensive the gift was, but the opportunity to spend some good quality time with each other. For those who are single. Don't worry. If you feel left out, remember that Valentine's Day is about expressing your warmth to the people you care about and spending time with them, which doesn't mean that they have to be your boyfriend/girlfriend. Take the time to do something nice with friend.
Well for a lot of people Valentine's Day can be very stressful to do something romantic for their partner. So courtesy of here is a basic checklist to help ensure that your day goes well and is stress free.

Valentine's day checklist

Make sure this Valentine's Day goes off without a single hitch! Below is a general checklist of things you should consider when planning your Valentine's Day! Good luck, and have a most romantic holiday with your sweetheart!

printable checklist: fancy or quick

1. Your Schedules
Before you can decide on anything, you need to find out what both of your schedules are. Do one or both of you have to work? Find out what hours. Does your date have something else planned during any part of the day? Make sure to find out everything, then tell your date AS SOON AS POSSIBLE what time to reserve for your interlude.

2. Consider Your Date's Interests
Is your date a "flowers and romance, dance all night" type, or a "stay at home in front of the fire" type of person? This is important in determining what you are planning to do. If you're not sure, ask your date what they like.

3. Plan Your Date
By now you should know what timeframe you have to work with and what your partner's interests are. With this information it should be much easier deciding what to do. While you're planning, make sure to check if reservations are needed, any tipping requirements, transportation you might need, any possible dress code, timeframe of any events, and if there are any restrictions on any mood enhancers you might want to bring, like candles. Don't forget to let your date know about any information they need to know, like dress codes, etc.!

3. Select Mood Enhancers
With the date idea selected, it's time to plan your "over-the-top valentine romance!" For a list of great ideas, see our Mood Setters article. When planning these, check for any of the things mentioned above that are relevant.

4. Your Gift
The gift is almost as, if not more, important than the actual date. It doesn't need to be expensive, but it does need to show that you've put a lot of time and care into selecting it. If you're deciding to give a traditional favorite, like flowers or chocolates, try and do something unique with them. For example, have 12 single roses delivered seperately, or try one of the creative chocolate ideas found here.

5. Confirm Everything!!!
The night before, take some time and confirm any reservations or plans you have that involve a third party. This not only helps ease your nerves a bit, but also reminds the other person of their possible duty.

6. Relax And Enjoy!
Pick up your date and enjoy each other's romantic company! Relax, because you've taken all the steps to plan the perfect Valentine's Day date!!


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OMG, what about some less organization and some more total random chance? :)

Avenue Road said...

of course. They is the best way. Spontaneous!