Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama For President- A Change is Coming

Well it seems that Barack Obama momentum from his last few victories continues to grow and grow and grow. His inspirational and motivation speeches of hope and change have really caught on in the democratic race. In an era in which people are looking for a new direction and renewed hope Barack Obama delivers a home run. Like a Pastor in a basptist church he preaches the same message over and over and over again until disbelievers start to believe. His words become their bible. His victory becomes their salvation. His hope is their hope for a better and more united future.

For many he represents the breaking of the glass ceiling, a black man in the white house. Who would have ever thought that this could be possible 100 years ago, 50, 30 20, 10 and even 5 years ago? For many he represents a renew future were they could prosper and feel proud of the country that they are from. But probably for most he represents a new time were they no longer have to live in so much fare of their own privacy, the person down the street, their neighbour, and their own friends. A time in which they now can focus on their own opportunities and unite together.

Why do I think his campaign is doing so well? When people are going through some form of hardship and they have lost all hope, they tend to turn to the church for some inspiration and guidance, regardless if they are very religious or not. I believe that most of the Democratic Party has been feeling this for the last 8 years. What Barack has done is to some degree is bring the church to them. When looking at the beginnings of a new church. The message gets out and the ministry starts to grow and grow. And this is why Hillary's campaign is finding many challenges. Just my thoughts

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