Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Years: It' Easy, It's Hard

It's Easy to lie
It's Easy to cheat
It's Easy to betray
It's Easy to pretend


It's Hard to love
It's Hard to trust
It's Hard to be honest
It's Hard to respect those you love

It's Easy to find sex
It's Easy to find superficial relationships


It's Hard to find integrity
It's Hard to find true commitment

One can say that they love and care for you, but it doesn't mean they respect you!!
One can say that they know what they want, but truly have no clue!

The New Year should be about making the Hard easy and the Easy hard. It should be about ensuring that the relationships that you have are about integrity, true commitment, honest, trust, respect and love. I know I will be!!

Happy New Years

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