Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Breaking The Cycle

Why is it that some of us seem to always get into bad relationships. Or are unable to break the one that we are in when you know it's unhealthy. How do you break the cycle that becomes like a poison to us.

I recently read an interest article on this topic called "Are you addicted to Bad Relationships" read below. What are your thoughts?

It is not difficult to break bad relationship habits. Once you decide to let go off your clingy nature, healing will automatically come. Once you aim to heal your past and maintain healthy relationships, you will automatically stay away from associating with toxic people. Always try to keep your relationships healthy. People in healthy relationships grow together and don't stunt each other's progress. Learn to respect your individuality and give and take space. Sometimes we have to associate with negative people, but if you have a healthy self-esteem and courage to stand up for yourself, you won't be affected by such people. Thus, the first step towards breaking bad relationship habits is having a strong conception of your own identity. Often, we allow people into our lives who treat us as we expect to be treated. So, if you feel contempt for yourself or think very little of yourself, you may pick partners or significant others who reflect this image back to you. Learn to recognise such patterns in your life and pluck them off. There will be anger, resentment, hurt and pain. But, you will be breaking your psychological dependency on other people. Recovering from relationship addiction is a process of acknowledging and then letting go of pain, and finding ways to build a happy life.


AnelliDiFumo said...

What is an unhealthy relationship? Once one has become able to define this, everything comes down easier. Reality is that many times we are not the best judges to define if the relationship in which we are in is unhealthy or healthy. Even considering that the ideal relationship, the one in which your partner gives you no problems whatsoever is just an ideal-type, non existing in reality. And too many times we just consider the bad aspects we perceive from a relationship, but not the bad aspects that we put in it!

Personally, I believe that a good meter in order to understand when you need to end a relationship, is when you believe that you'd be happier staying single rather than with the other partner.

Avenue Road said...

True. It's hard to say what is bad or good. Someone perception of a healthy relationship may not be your perception of a healthy relationship. As long as both indivduals are happy with each other.