Monday, November 19, 2007

HIV Becoming a Growing Problem Among Senior Citizens

Would you ever imagine that we would need to discuss safe sex to our grandparents? Well based on new statistics it's something that we better start doing. HIV among seniors is quickly become a major problem. The raise of cases of HIV among people over 65 have been steady increasing.

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AIDS is often difficult to diagnose in senior citizens. The symptoms resemble those associated with aging such as fatigue, weight loss and forgetfulness.

Many seniors today use the Internet just as you do. They are far more savvy about issues than one may think. The Internet is a great tool that offers many people, not just seniors, an opportunity to explore the globe, research information and connect with others who share their interests and passions. However, when it comes to the problem of AIDS it seems a number of senior citizens believe they are not susceptible to the disease. The simple concept of condoms is dismissed by some of the older generation who have not been informed about sexually transmitted diseases among senior citizens and the growth of AIDS in senior communities.

Protect your grandparent, or save someone else's grandparent by spreading the word about this trend in retirement communities. At risk behavior is not only practiced among the younger generations. Learn about the SHIP program: Senior HIV Intervention Project.

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