Friday, August 24, 2007

Cheating Dogs

Is there such things as a monogamous gay relationship? Can both individuals in the relationship actually not cheat? With the easy access to a variety of personal site, the ability to have many email addresses and the basic fact that many men out there don't have a problem fucking around, can a monogamous relationship actually exist?
Most men are like animals in heat. And if it's easy to get, some will go for it. Especially if they think that they can get away with it. Cheating Dogs are what they are called. Shame on Them..

So in a culture that is so sexually charged how do you maintain a monogamous relationship? Or is this term monogamous relationship more gear towards a more traditional straight hetrosexual concept?

I have to admit that I know more relationships were there is one or both individuals fooling around for a variety of reasons, than I know in a monogamous relationship. But how can anyone truly thing that they can get away from being caught, especially since the community is so small when it comes to gossip, rumours, etc. Sooner or later you will be found out. In most cases your partner/BF probably already knows and is playing ignorant to the fact.

Sex is easy to find. The allure of having an hot no strings encounter for alot of guys is a major turn on. Obtaining someone who you can trust, respect and who actually cares about you is harder. Be honest. Its better to hear it from you than your partner hearing it from a stranger on the street or some friend/acquintance. Try your best to keep him!


AnelliDiFumo said...

Most of the times when one cheats in his resident city, using a website with his pics, doesn't really care to be caught or not. A normal person - if there is such a thing as a "normal person" - would cheat only when things are going really bad in his or her relationship, but he or she thinks is too early to break up for the most various reasons.

Then we could discuss about the sense of monogamity in a society in which the average straight marriage lasts 4 years, let alone the average gay one. Or in an Internet society, that has cut distances and shynesses for everybody, connecting everyone with everyone else, directly from the desk of your office or your studio.

We are grown with the idea, grabbed from our parents, that monogamity is a must. But maybe it's time to reconsider this value in the optic of the new Internet world.

Avenue Road said...

Too me it doesn't make sense if he/she doesn't really care if they are caught and doesn't want to break off the relationship b/c they think its too early. They may be perceived as either not completely respecting the the person they are with. Or they they don't really care and perhaps wants the relationship to end but doesn't have the guts to end it themself.

On the internet concept. Its very true that in many ways it has allow many to connect and be more expressive. Especially those who come from a more repressive environment.

AnelliDiFumo said...

No, the Internet works just for everybody, not only for those who come from a more repressive environment. I'd rather say it works more for the most modern societies.

On not having the guts to end a relationship: you might be right, but usually reality is much more complicated than that.

I agree on the fact that cheating is lacking of respect on your partner, though. Whatever would be the reason to cheat.

Avenue Road said...

Yes. I agree. Not haven't the guts isn't always the reason. But not caring to be caught saids a million things.. Mostly negative

True on the internet comment.

AnelliDiFumo said...

We agree on everything, now :-P

Anonymous said...

Cheating stinks, whatever the case, especially when both partners have agreed verbally to be monogamous.

Certainly a "reason" for cheating is one person is not satisfied, whether sexually or emotionally (usually sexually IMO), but that does not excuse the cheating. To me, it's laziness and self-indulgence, and lack of respect for the other partner. Not to mention, the exposure of yourself and your partner to STDs is troubling.

T said...

Sorry, but for me, cheating sucks whatever the case - especially when both partners have agreed verbally to be monogamous.

Not being satisfied emotionally or sexually may be a "reason" why one cheats, but it does not excuse the cheating. IMHO, it's laziness and self-indulgence. The exposure of both partners to STDs is also troubling.

I understand a lot of gay men love sex, and many may have sex addiction, but sometimes you have to look at yourself and wonder if you enjoy a variety of sexual partners and if that is in fact more satisfying than an intimate relationship. For some, I think it is.