Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hard to find Love for Poor Average Joe

How many times have you spoken to someone single and asked them the question, ‘what are you looking for in a person?' Getting the same general response of... “I want someone equal to me or better off. I don't want to maintain them and/or not be able to do things". "I want someone who has a good professional job making good money. No blue collar worker". “I want someone who is masculine, straight acting." "I want someone who works out regularly and is in great shape." "I want someone who is well traveled because I need someone who is culture". "I want someone who is an intellectual". “I want someone who is good looking, basically a model and dresses well." “I want someone who owns a home, has a car... etc. etc”. Then you follow up with your proceeding question, “So what type of personality are you looking for?" And you get the instant blank stare with the response of " Hum... well, I guess, awh... let's see...”

Poor average Joe who has an entry level job. Poor average Joe who isn't tall and a supermodel. Poor average Joe who may not be the most fashion forward looking guy. Poor average Joe for being AVERAGE.

For some reason a lot of guys have such vain requirements for their possible love interest. Don't get me wrong. Looking for those attributes isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It's unfortunate that for most this is the most essential aspects that they are looking for. The problem is that the majority of people don't have all of these attributes. The guy with the great job in which he is making lots of money, probably works between 12 to 16 hours a days, stuck to his blackberry, when not in the office. Does work on the weekend, very career focus and doesn't have time for a relationship or even going to the gym regularly to focus on obtaining that perfect body.

The person with the perfect body, great style and is considered very good looking, probably spends more time at the gym and less time focusing on that high power position that will earn the income that you are looking for.

The intellectual may be cultured and well traveled, but a geek/nerd or very awkward, or as some may put it, eccentric, with no fashion sense.

What is straight acting anyways?? Are you looking for a heterosexual or a homo/bisexual? This term is so ridiculous.

Most people you find are average. Unfortunately a good majority of them are asking for superman as their possible mate. But never seem to figure out why they are still single. This is because they’re POOR AVERAGE JOE.


Anonymous said...

Ouch but soooo true!!! But I still think I'm prettier than poor average joe.

AnelliDiFumo said...

Hahahahaha, the figure of "poor average Joe" is totally North American. We don't have it, yet, in Italy.

As you know, I believe that the secret of a long-lasting relationship is stop looking for better. Because someone better (as someone worst) will always exist.

Of course, there can be the case in which one falls in love with s.b. else who could be even "not better" than the one with whom he is with. In those circumstances, you can only live and let live. Chains have always been the least effective way to link a boyfriend to you. :-)

Michael in Norfolk said...

What you say is very true. Plus, looks will fade and job loses and other events can change fortunes so quickly. The basic, good inner person is the element that lasts.

Avenue Road said...

That is a good point. The inner person is the key when you looking for someone special.

Avenue Road said...

I believe that the concept of "Poor Average Joe" is very international. But perhaps with a slight different twist depending on where you are

Anonymous said...

Well said. I think phrases like "straight-acting" and "masculine" are derogatory. They're also impossible standards to meet; fantasies usually made up by gay men who really have no respect for others or themselves. Maybe these men exist in porno films, but in real life? Not likely.