Friday, June 8, 2007

Queer Eye For the Gay Guy

Do you ever look at your partner or friend and wonder why they put those two colours together. Or perhaps why they decided to choose that particular pair of shoes or pant to wear. Do you ever feel like you need to give them a lesson in grooming 101? Yes it's very true, despite unversial belief, not ever gay man knows how to mix and match their clothes or develop a specifc style that defines them in a stylistic way.
Well here are some basic tips.

Facial hair and eyebrows: For those who have wild eyebrows and facial hair

*Men should trim their eyebrows for a younger look. Brush the hairs up and use scissors to trim above the brow.
* Shaving cream helps lift up the root of the hair for a smoother shave. Always shave in the direction of hair growth to prevent in grown hairs.---courtesy of the show 10 Years Younger

Casual dressing doesn't mean you need to look like you just came out of bed.

In your wardrobe you should have a nice polo shirt, a part of premium demin jeans, o-ring belts, and flip flops/thongs and of course the sunglasses. Don't forget the casual blazer jacket to step up the outfit if you plan to head to dinner and want to look a little more dress with out loosing the casual feel.

Face looking a little dull, pale or oily.

It doesn't make you seem less masculine if you use a bit of skin care products. Get rid of the harsh bar soap.

A) Daily facial wash.. many great products out in the market. It will help improve complexion. Soap just deteriorate your face, doesn't cleanse as well and will age your appearance.

B) Moisturizer.. please use. If you see someone with flawless complexion (or at least great skin), ask them if they use moisturizer on their face. I bet you they will say Yes!. There are many product specific made for men. So don't be shy to walk down the cosmetic isle.

What's the latest trend in Men's fashion:


Anonymous said...

So true sweetie! Not every man can mix & match...when they date me I change their wardrobe. & YES, I do wear moisturizer. ;)

avenueroad said...

You're a Diva